Chat that Always with you!

Chat Setting


Press 4 or left and select sixth icon (from left to right) from top and press OK to open User Settings . Here is all chat settings that might you'll need to be changed.



Visible Languages:

You can turn ON/OFF any visible Languages. 


Accept Private Messages:

You can choose PM filter accept from All users Or accept from Contact book only. 

Photo formats:

You can set your photo formats to "png" (png format is supported by all mobile phones despite of the model. The image transmitted is of the middle size), "jpeg" (the size if the jpeg-image is rather small, but this format is supported by obsolete phones) and "gif" (the properties of gif-format concerning the size of the data transmitted are almost the same as in png-format).



Photo size:

You can set your application to view images in percentage to your screen as you want. you can set it to 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%. (set 60% or 80% if you dont see the bottom options buttons in View photo option.)


Color in chat:

You can change your chat color from this option. Chat color means your font color. After open this option, you can easily edit Red-Green-Blue and make your favorite font color and enjoy chatting.


Chat background:

You can change your application background from this option. there is three background available yet - white, sky blue and with clouds. Chose your favorite one and apply.


Chat poll:

You can set your chat refreshing gape. Example: 5 seconds is for quick auto refresh and each min is for late auto refresh.


Data transferred

This is data transfer counter of AVACS Live Chat application.


Change user:

You can log out your ID by applying this option. you can make another id or log in with same or existing ID. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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