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Press 4 or left and select third icon (from left to right) from top and Press ok to open "community" option.


About community

You will see how many users online, number of registered users for last 24 hours, number of total registered users, male and female user's number and their percentage on AVACS Live Chat, Married for last 24 hours and number of total Married users.

Invite friends

You can send a invitation to your friends to join AVACS Live Chat via email.

 Yuo can invite ur friends to join AVACS via SMS

This week best photo

Every users can vote for their own profile photo or any other user's profile photo. The photo of highest votes will be top of this list. Voting ending time is last day of the week - Sunday and GMT 24:00. The photo owner will be winner of $10.00 Purse.


Last week best photo

This is the result of previous week's best photo.


Contacts book

You'll find all your AVACS Live Chat contacts here.



All ignored users will goes here - this is your black list. Whom you not allow to send private message or send files to you, they will be here. If you want to receive messages or files, just delete them from this list.

Incoming message

All of your incoming private messages will be here - like mobile's messages in box. And here is 50 history of your last incoming messages.

Outgoing message

All of your outgoing private messages will be here same as incoming messages.

Incoming files

You can see all of your received files here.

Invitations to rooms

AVACS Live Chat has a option to invite users to your chat room. And all of your invitations stored in option Invitations to rooms which you have received earlier from other users.

Important messages

This is inbox of all important messages/notice from administrator. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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