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 You can see there is four parts of the page, - top, left and right panel and bottom. You will found room options, questionnaire and user options in top of page. Move your courser to top options - "Rooms", "Menu" or "Users" to open menu. In left and right panel, here will be these options/categories - Chat room list (top 10 rooms, country rooms, public rooms, private rooms, your rooms and favorite rooms), Who is online/In room, Invited users, Moderators, Read only users, Contact book, Black list/Ignore list, SuperModerators and Statistic.

  • You will not get all options at first after login. You have to make options available yourself by simply drag and drop technique. You will found menu from top, like this .

  • There is two colors of options in "room menu" and "users option", Black and gray. Black means - It has not been added in left or right panel yet; and gray means - It has been already added in left or right panel.

  • Suppose you need to contact SuperModerators, then just open "users option" and click and hold "Supermoderator" and drag it to left or right panel of the web page and release your hold. You will be able to contact SuperModerators from SM list which you've added to left or right panel.

  • To use Web Version of AVACS Live Chat, make sure java script enabled in your web browser before use.

  • To send message to chat room, just you have to type your message in this box (bottom of the page) and press enter or click "virtual" enter button from right. You can add lots of smiley, add your own smiley, add link, send pictures, audio or flash videos to chat; change your avatar, chat color. By default only those chat rooms are showing which has minimum one user online.
  • If you want to see all chat rooms in any category, just click on setting icon and uncheck "Room with users" option. To clean chat room's message history, click on "Clean room" option. If you want to see date and time of posted messages in chat room, simply check "Show date" option. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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