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*Room rating :

All chat rooms of AVACS Live Chat arranged by a room's rating. In chat room menu, there you can directly enter in a room. All those seven rooms is high rated chat rooms. you can vote for a room to increase a chat room's rating points. Every chat room's rating decrease 10 % per day of total rating.


*Room invitations :


You can invite other users to chat room. Other users can invite you also to other rooms. You can check your room invitation list in option - Invitation to rooms.

Flooding :

Some users want to increase their rating without normal chatting. They post blank messages often times.

*Anti-Flood System :

Now in these days, auto anti-flood system has been run.Now users can't post blank messages often times. If they post a blank message, its ok; but after this rating will be decrease 1 per 2 blank messages.

~If you're Moderator/ Owner/ SM / HM of a room, you can apply one more manual anti-flood system.

~Press 6 or right - to open chat menu, and select Turn on/off antiflood. If you turn on this system, - its forbid posting messages to this room for users who has less than 50 messages during 10 minutes.

~You can also increase duration of this manual anti flood system.
~If a user is newly generate his ID in a room, where manual anti flood is on; he can't post messages till he has rating more than 50.

Referral system :


By directly referring someone to AVACS live chat, you can get 1- st level of referral. Chat adds bonuses to user which invited referral in portion of 25 % from cost of SMS, which sending 1- st level referrals, than 10 % and 5 % from cost of SMS, which sending 2- ns and 3- rd level referrals correspondently. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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