Chat that Always with you!

New Updates


 * AVACS new server has been ran for all users.

* Added Features :-

  • Test version of AVACS Live Chat for mobile phones and betta version for PC,
    build number 2.1.7

    Mobile version JAD, JAR files 

    * Added features:
  • Drag by touchscreen for all screen forms
  • Drag by touchscreen pointer items in lists (up and down)
  • Drag by touchscreen pointer items in chat (up and down)
  • Phone contacts records reader for next SMS sending
  • Arabic writing for main menu
  • Images for file reader
  • Increased a bit sensitivity of touchscreen for buttons 

    * Fixed bugs:
  • Enter(Ok)/Touchscreen not permit to navigate via catalogs in filesystem
  • Main menu hold navigation by touchscreen
  • For large icons not show correct list with 1 record in it
  • Cannot show popup menu for last record in main chat by touchscreen
  • A lot other minor bugs fixed 

    PC version 
    For start PC version of chat you should: 
     PC LiveChat JAR file 
    2-Run it. 
    If it not start, check please next:
    Java environment. If not installed you need to install java from site
     JAVA Installer 
    May be you need to start it from command line using "java -jar AVACS_Live_Chat_for_PC.jar"


New Languages added:

              Now Arabic,Indonesia,Persian(farsi),Persian(finglish),Turkce languages added in AVACS Live Chat. so now users can run AVACS with them own or any other language from this Languages.

              for change language Press * > Settings > Languages > Change > Select a language


Color Newsline function (Post Announcement):

              finaly this function added.Announcement entered by users will be showed in Newsline once per hour. user can choose how many times it will be showed and its Text & background colors.

              Users can choose them likely any colors for Newsline.

 Newsline Options:-
  1. Count:5, 30 length - Fixed color - $0.75
  2. Count:10, 60 length - Fixed color - $1.50
  3. Count:25, 150 length - Fixed color - $3.00
  4. Count:5, 30 length - Choose color - $1.50
  5. Count:10, 60 length - Choose color - $3.00
  6. Count:25, 150 length - Choose color - $6.00 


Purse service history: 

              its shows last 50 hisory of different purse services which used by users. 


Purse Transfer history: 

              its shows last 50 histry of purse transfer. users incoming/outgoing purse transfer hisyory. 


Invite Friends (via SMS): 

              Now AVACS users can invites them friends simply via SMS. 


Friends counts function: 

               its new function like a marriage system. user can add any of his/her friends from contact book to his/her Friends this user going to register his/her friendship with an user. proposel cost is $0.20 , not depending of other sides decision. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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