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Website launched

04/07/2010 16:17

* AVACS another site released.!


12/03/2011 12:07

AVACS Live Chat

 site has been updated..
06/03/2011 15:33


 * AVACS New Updates: * Added features: Full 128 bit data ciphering - any hacker, internet provider or government cannot catch your messages Smile choicer whith text entering Vibration for private messages Location detection for phones with GPS supporting (need in server...
27/08/2010 01:05

News Avacs Chat

  News 23 Mar, 2011 New languages added to AVACS Live Chat. Now mobile chat has English, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, French languages of users interface.   25 Jun, 2010 Version 2.1.0 of chat available for phones used Android platform...
04/07/2010 16:17

Website launched

* AVACS another site released.! © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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