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Private Chat Colour

Colors of private messages in AVACS Live Chat

Dark orange - Administrator group Mustard - TOP users (OSAMA, Dr.vahid, SHERNI, Bogdan, livechat, )
Light orange - Merchants
Dark yellow - SuperModerators

Violet - from 1.000.000 msg
Light Violet - from 600.000 msg

Male Users:
Dark blue - from 300.000 msg
Middle blue - from 100.000 msg
Light blue - from 25.000 msg
current blue - others

Female Users:
Dark red - from 300.000 msg
Light red - from 100.000 msg
Dark pink - from 25.000 msg
Light pink - others

Dark green - Owners and creators of room (in room)
Green - Moderators in room

Classic, White, Gray, Black, Dark orange


Black private color added. If you want to have it, go to purse and services and chose private message color. Validity 3 days and cost is $2 purse. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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