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Purse is money of avacs live chat, which use is for vote rooms,  Send news line in avacs, play games in avacs, you can vote yourself or other user for make SM, you can vote own photo or other user photo, you can change name of room, you can do marriage , you can be invisible, you can do password restore.
Here is uses check it Click on points to know about it

(1) Vote room
(2) News line
(3) Games of avacs
(4) Become Super moderator
(5) Vote of profile photo
(6) Change room name
(7) Marriage 
(8) Invisible
(9) Password restores
(10) How you can get Purse  

You can use your purse by deferent ways. Use your purse from Purse and services menu (press 4/ 5th icon from top).

News line

News line is a special feature of AVACS Live Chat. You can see news line in top of your screen. It goes right to left (English/Russian language) or left to right (Arabic language), and it is visible to all Live Chat online users. Here is two types of news lines. One is for 0.10$ purse and other is for different characters limits and purses (cost might be deferent if you pay via SMS). All news lines limit is 30,60,150 characters. If you want to make a news line in Arabic language or any which using left to right text, then you have to start news line with ">" without quotes. You can use "<" without quotes for all right to left news lines. But because of its default, so no need to use this for right to left languages as system detect direction automatically.

Add news

This option is for make first type news line. Cost is only 0.10$ purse. You can pay directly via SMS (if your service provider supports AVACS Live Chat's purse services) or from your purse.

Post Announcement:

              finaly this function added.Announcement entered by users will be showed in Newsline once per hour. user can choose how many times it will be showed and its Text & background colors.

              Users can choose them likely any colors for Newsline.



Bonasolizator is a purse game. All bets placed here go to bonusolizator game fund and accumulating during one hour. after this hour finished - wining with 90% from bonusolizator from bonusolizator fund receives only that user, who took first place by bets sum in bonusolizator for passed hour. if only one user takes part into game - his shakes fully return to him. bets can be made from the purse only.


Roulette is another purse game. It's not casino and purposed for entertainment only. Several types of shakes. Test your luck and replenish your purse.

Vote for room

By this option, you can vote for a chat room. Cost of one vote is 0.15$ purse. Room's rating will be increased 10 points per 1 vote. You can pay via SMS or from your purse. Room rating automatically decrease 10% of total rating as system's default.

I'm super-moderator

By this option, you can vote for yourself to became Super Moderator (see about super moderators later) of AVACS Live Chat. By voting yourself, you are taking part in voting for super moderator. User with maximum votes per month will be granted as super moderator for period of one month. main rule for super moderator is "don't harm". by taking it - post will be revoked from super moderator and as compensation his license will be increased proportional by term to end of month. cost is 0.10$ purse per 1 vote. you can pay via SMS or from your purse.

Invisibility mode

In invisibility mode your presence in live chat will not shown for 60 minutes. For other users you'll be in offline, your movements between rooms will be hidden. Paying from purse cost id $.20 purse.


Here is SM-pretenders (participants/candidates of month to SM voting), bonusolizator fund for current hour (total fund of bonusolizator game, increased by users for current hour) and bonusolizator game's last hour result status. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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