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Purse and Service

Press 4 or left key and select 5th icon (from left to right) from top and Press OK to open Purse and services option. At first, you need to know what is purse. Purse is like mobile SIM's balance/talk time. Its VIRTUAL MONEY. You can buy and use your purse many deferent ways. You also can transfer purse to other users and receive purse from other users.

Amount in purse:

Here is your value/quantity of your total purse.

Add to Purse:

You can replenish your purse by 3 ways. Please see below:

Via SMS:

You can replenish your purse from your GSM service provider if your country and operator supports AVACS Live Chat purse features.

Via WebMoney:

To replenish your purse via WebMoney - transfer desired amount to purse Z133989327520. Put your user number (it showed in main menu - key*/about program) or your nick to transfer comment. After that - please write to chat administrator about your transfer. Your purse will be replenished with transferred amount multiplied by 2.

Buy from Merchants:

Here is another easiest way to buy purse from merchants, in case option 1 or 2 is not available; you can buy purse from your local merchants by paying them via bank transfer, check, cash or any other way they supports. This is the most common and easy way to replenish your purse.

Purse service history:

AVACS Live Chat users can use them purse in different services of purse. You can see your last 50 history which used by users in different services of purse in this option.

Transfer to/from user:

You can see your last 50 incoming/outgoing purse transfer history in this option.


This option will allow you too view all of your purse usage history. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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