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Super Moderators


Super moderators (SM):

Super moderators are powerful users. They have power to ban or withdraw read only status to any user in any chat room. They can turn on/off anti-flood mode to any chat room. They can add or remove moderators of any room. They help all users. All users can ask them for help. You can find them in Super Moderators list in Help option. Press 4 or left key and select seventh icon (from left to right) from top and press OK to open "Help". open "Super moderators" to get their list.



Merchants are Purse sellers and also HM or SM. You can buy purse from them via many way of moneytransfer which they supports. To buy purse from them contact Merchant who is from your local/nearest area. And also feel free to ask for help to them.
You can only see super moderators in this list. They have red crown as avatar. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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