Chat that Always with you!


User Info and Private

  • You can send private message to other users. Move your mouse cursor to any user whom you want to sent private message, and click left mouse button. A menu will be appeared, click "Private message" and you will get this window like this screen shot.
  • you can add smiley too like as main chat room.From left click menu you can send private message, see user's information, view user's photo and add user to your contact book or black list. Put user to your black list if you don't want any private message from that user.
  • You will found all these options in top left corner of this private message window too. 1st icon for open reply text box, 2nd for user's information, 3rd for user's photo, 4th for add user to contact book or black list and 5th for see last 20 message history. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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