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06/03/2011 15:33

 * AVACS New Updates:Updated

* Added features:

  • Full 128 bit data ciphering - any hacker, internet provider or government cannot catch your messages
  • Smile choicer whith text entering
  • Vibration for private messages
  • Location detection for phones with GPS supporting (need in server impruving)
  • Error alert showing when server has maintances
  • Drag by touchscreen for all screen forms
  • Drag by touchscreen pointer items in lists (up and down)
  • Drag by touchscreen pointer items in chat (up and down)
  • Phone contacts records reader for next SMS sending
  • Arabic writing for main menu
  • Images for file reader
  • Increased a bit sensitivity of touchscreen for buttons 

    * Fixed bugs:
  • Enter(Ok)/Touchscreen not permit to navigate via catalogs in filesystem
  • Main menu hold navigation by touchscreen
  • For large icons not show correct list with 1 record in it
  • Cannot show popup menu for last record in main chat by touchscreen
  • A lot other minor bugs fixed 

* Added Features :

  • Test version of AVACS Live Chat for mobile phones and betta version for PC, build number 2.1.7New
  • Added new menu "send SMS worldwide" payment 0.10$ purse for 70 letters.
  • Fixed format mp3 at voice message.

  • New setting for invite user use SMS just need 1 page of SMS (before, 2 page)

  • Added Number ID of room at menu "about room"

  • New Languages added(Hindi,Urdu,Arabic,indonesia,Persian(farsi),Persian(finglish),Turkce)

  • Color Newsline function

  • Purse service history

  • Purse Transfer history

  • Invite Friends (via SMS)

  • Friends counts function

  • Visible Languages

to get more info about these functions see in "New Updates" menu. © 2011 AVACS All rights reserved.

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